apple cider vinegar lemonade recipe

Nothing refreshes better than an ice cold lemonade in the waning days of summer. It's August, it's hot. So let's cool off with the classic summertime favorite upgraded to have less sugar and more flavor. All Elixirs can be used to make healthy and delicious lemonade style drinks that stay in line with your healthy drinking habits, i.e., low or no added sugar. All real whole food ingredients with benefits. 

Golden Lemonade

2 Tb Elixir No3 Turmeric
1 Tb Fresh Lemon Juice
1 Tb Fresh Orange Juice
1.5 cups cold water, adjust to taste

Mix all ingredients in a pitcher, fill 2 glasses with ice and add golden lemonade. 

We like a blend of lemon and orange juice to make it just right, the perfect sweet-tart without adding extra sweeteners. As with all recipes adjust to make it your own. 


Here are a few variations to get you going with your favorite.

Salty Dog - 1 TB Elixir No5, 1.5 TB fresh grapefruit juice, 4 - 6 oz water 

Pink Lemonade - 1 TB Elixir No7, 1 TB fresh lemon juice, 6 - 8 oz water 

Switchel - 1 TB Switchel, 1 TB fresh citrus juice or slices of your choice, they all taste great, 8 oz water 

The magic formula for 1

1 TB Elixir or Tonic, 1 - 2 TB unsweetened juice, 4 - 8 oz water

The magic formula for 2 QRT pitcher

4 oz Elixir or Tonic, 4 oz unsweetened juice, just under 1.75 quarts water. 

Tips - always taste and adjust, sometimes a little more juice is what's needed to enhance the flavor.

  • omit the juice and add fresh sliced fruit for a lighter drink. 
  • reduce water to make it stronger or for pouring over ice
  • increase water to make it lighter and more hydrating
  • add citrus peels to the water for large batches
  • use any unsweetened juice, blueberry and concord grape are especially delicious. 
  • blend juices for something extra special - try tart cherry and aloe vera, grapefruit and orange, coconut water and lime.


Remember, there is no wrong way to drink your vinegar. Make it yours.

 Share your drinks and experiments in the comments, we ❤️ to hear from you. 



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