The Improved Salty Dog, drink and recipe

apple cider vinegar Elixir No5 Grapefruit recipe

The classic cocktail done-up for your health and wellness. Great for your morning vinegar and juice fix, perfect for the afternoon refresher and smashing as your mocktail when you are out with friends. Every sip tastes better than the one before. This might just be the drink that kicks the sugary drink habit to the curb.

If prepared to our recipe you will get a drink with approximately 6 calories, 1.5 carbs, 1 gram sugar, 29.5 mg sodium and 10% of the RDA for vitamin C.  And of course your 1 tablespoon of ACV. No added sugar it is just from your grapefruit juice. 
So how does it taste you ask? 
You get mostly grapefruit in terms of aroma and flavor, it is soft and subtle with barely a hint of the apple cider vinegar and dill. The grapefruit juice and the salty brineyness of the Elixir No5 are a great match and give the drink a soft feel with the bubbles just livening it up a bit. 

And like all vinegar drinks, there is no wrong way to drink it, as long as it makes you smile. Here are a few variations you might like:

  • Double the fresh juice and double the bubbles for a tall drink.
  • Leave the bubbles out for a shot. 
  • If you are so inclined, add 1 oz of your favorite clear spirit; vodka, gin or tequila, they all work. 

Please let us know how you like it.



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