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Elixir No 4 | Ginger Chai, 8 oz

Elixir No 4 | Ginger Chai, 8 oz

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Elixir No 4 | Ginger Chai, 8 oz

We combined fresh ginger root, traditional chai spices in raw organic apple cider vinegar for a fresh take on chai. Use this as your daily ACV shot, straight for those inclined, but we love it as a fresh take on chai tea, hot or cold, tastes great.  As a simple tea or use it to flavor your favorite black and green teas.

Why we love it: Perfect for those new to drinking vinegars. The familiar spices are warming and comforting. And pack lots of flavor into your ACV. Choose from Honey or Maple sweetened, approximately 12 calories and under 3 grams of carbs/sugar per tablespoon. Also available unsweetened. 

Taste: Spicy ginger and cinnamon on top of the apple cider vinegar.  When tasting straight you'll get a little kick from the ginger and cinnamon. When in water or tea, it's spicy but nicey.

How to drink: 1 Tablespoon once or twice a day. Take as a digestif when needed. A great drink for those new to ACV, just add to 6 ounces of hot water for a tea. Add to sparkling water for a ginger ale type drink.

Remember... there is no wrong way to drink your vinegar! :)




As a health booster take 1 tablespoon one to two times per day. Best results when taking it at the same time daily as part of a healthy diet. 

  • A tablespoon before breakfast. This gives you all the sugar busting benefits of the vinegar and get's the day off to a great start. Most popular. 
  • A tablespoon at bedtime, traditionally for things like leg cramps and metabolism (sugar). 
  • Our favorite is a tablespoon in the afternoon when you are feeling that natural energy dip and food craving. This will crush that craving and give you energy and appetite control till dinner. 
  • For indigestion start with half a tablespoon and increase to a full tablespoon as needed. 


That is totally up to you. What it should be is pleasant and enjoyable, so make it any way you like it.

  • If you drink it straight it's best to follow with a water chaser.  
  • If you mix it, again it's up to you, we like a ratio of 1:1 in the morning when we are in a hurry. Other times we put it in a glass of 4 to 8 ounces of water or juice when we are in the mood to linger a little. Try pineapple, grapefruit or tomato.
  • When we are feeling a bit under the weather we will double up and take 2 tablespoons in 8 oz hot water for the extra boost and hydration.
  • We have also been known to add it to sparkling water just for fun! 


  • For Water and Bubbley Water - Start with a Tablespoon of Tonic in 1/2 cup of water and adjust to your taste, add a lemon or orange twist for an extra bit of freshness. 
  • Tonics really shine in unsweetened teas of all flavors and a little goes a long way to bring out the flavor of the tea and vinegar. Start with a Teaspoon of your favorite tonic in 6 oz of cold or hot tea, adjust till you get it just right. 
  • We will be posting more recipes on our blog page in the very near future. 


Please tell us how you like to drink it, and always remember... There is no wrong way to enjoy your vinegar elixir. 

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